Provided Services and Solutions

List of services and solutions provided by the Signal9.

Smart Contract Security Validation

Secure validation for blockchain smart contracts. Provides a smart contract auto-validation solution for auto-verifiable items.

Smart Contract Creation Agent

Act as a proxy to create blockchain smart contracts to meet your business needs.

Smart Contract Developer Tools

Various developer tools are available for various IDE for blockchain smart contracts. The tool provides features such as smart contract deployment and validation to blockchain.

Blockchain API Gateway

Blockchain API Gateway is provided to make the use of blockchain easy for specific services (token issue, coupon, local currency).

Smart Contract

Blockchain Smart Contract Security Validation

We are verifying smart contracts based on the know-how we gained from various research such as analyzing existing hacking incidents.

Automatic Audit

Validation solutions allow developers to automatically validate their smart contracts on some items before putting them on the blockchain mainnet.

Easy Web Interface

The web interface allows verification to proceed without installing complex development tools locally.

Support for deployment features

After validation, you can proceed with the deployment to the main(test)net via the appropriate Web solution.

Notification Function

You can be notified by email of the results that occur during the deployment or verification process.


We can see the automatic and manual verification results reports that experts have performed.


Auto-Verification is free by default.


Plugins provided by Signal9

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